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Treehouse Unwrapped

Treehouse Unwrapped – So how does it work?

The Treehouse Unwrapped is an opportunity for you to make a contribution of teaching and learning resources. Choose from the following items:

School Dinners

School Dinners for one child for one week – £10.00

[wp_cart:School dinners for one child for one week:price:10.00:end]

Fruit for the weekFruit for the whole school for a week – £25.00[wp_cart:Fruit for the whole school for a week:price:25.00:end] Re-cycled Tyre Swing

Re-cycled Tyre Swing – £75

[wp_cart:Tyre Swing:price:75.00:end]

Packets of Seeds

Seeds for the vegetable or wildlife garden – £10.00



Specialist Teacher for the day (Music, Art, Sports, Science, etc.) – £250.00

[wp_cart:Teacher for a day:price:250.00:end]

Galvanised Buckets

12 Galvanised Buckets of various sizes – £30.00

[wp_cart:Galvanised Buckets:price:30.00:end]

Bird Box Camera

Bird Box Camera Video Recorder – £80.00

[wp_cart:Bird Box Camera:price:80.00:end]

Bug Box

Bug Box – £15.00

[wp_cart:Bug Box:price:15.00:end]

Window Bird Feeder

Window Box Bird Feeder – £8.00

[wp_cart:Window Box Bird Feeder:price:8.00:end]

Collection of Twine and String

Collection of natural twine, string, garden wire, etc. for creating outdoor art work – £15.00

[wp_cart:Natural Twine:price:15.00:end]

Hand Held Digital Microscope

Handheld Digital Microscope – £64.20

[wp_cart:Digital Microscope:price:64.20:end]

Magnifying Glasses

Four large magnifying glasses – £30.00

[wp_cart:Magnifying Glasses:price:30.00:end]


  1. The first thing you need to do is to choose your gift – there is lots of variety from art materials, sponsoring school dinners and fruit for the week to buying seeds, some time with a specialist teacher or piece of IT equipment.
  2. Next you need to pay
    (you need a paypal account or set one up by clicking here.  Alternatively send a cheque to The Treehouse School for your gift).
  3. Finally let us know the name and address of the person who is receiving the gift and we will post a hand written card to them…………..So what is available for you to ‘buy?’
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