Nature, Nurture and Nourishment

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We offer a bespoke curriculum built around the needs and interests of the children. An important element of our work is a focus on the natural world, starting with the immediate locality, with opportunities for the children to observe local flora and fauna, seasonal changes as well as to learn about how the local area has changed over time. By fostering an appreciation and understanding of the surrounding countryside, our children have a good awareness of the environment and the importance of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.  For example, an organic vegetable garden has been established and is accessed by all children; eventually the produce will be used in our school meals which all members of the school community eat. Just like the Government we also believe that basic skills in English and Maths are essential however our route to acquiring them is different. Opportunities to develop these skills are a fundamental part of our daily routines, in addition to being a teaching focus.

Here is an example of our curriculum

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Weekly Updates
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