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Lee Ryman

Lee Ryman has worked in schools in Berkshire and Oxfordshire for the last twenty  years.  Her roles include being a class teacher, deputy head and headteacher, as well as working for the Local Authority as a Literacy Consultant in West Berkshire.  Lee’s teaching qualifications include a B.Ed. English (Hons).

Lee’s main area of expertise is working with children in Key Stage Two (aged seven to eleven years) although she has had some experience of working with younger children too.  Her most recent work was as the headteacher of a Junior School in Wallingford.

Lee is passionate about primary education and believes that it is vital that children enjoy school as well as providing the foundations required for future success.

She has spent time visiting a wide range of schools both in the UK and abroad to evaluate different teaching and learning methods and now wishes to open a school where she can put her own methods and those that she has accumulated into practice.




Sharon Julian

Sharon Julian qualified as a teacher as a mature student having dedicated her time to bringing up her own family. During her teaching career she has taught all age groups from four to eleven. The last eight years of which were spent at Fir Tree with Lee Ryman where Sharon was the Assistant Headteacher.  Sharon’s teaching qualifications include a B.Ed. English (Hons).

Several factors led to her resigning this post; an observation that family life was changing radically…little time spent together, an over dependence on screens for entertainment, poor diets and routines…meanwhile the education system remained static.

Increasingly aware of the limitations of the curriculum for many children, which was being delivered in stuffy rooms, in which the children were passive, she realised that education was being ‘done’ to children rather than involving them. Time spent bringing up her own family had taught Sharon this is not the way that children learn!

It became imperative that she attempted to influence the national picture or she would always feel that she had failed to make a meaningful difference to the next generation.

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