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Food For Thought

food for thoughtSo what’s it all about?

The Food for Thought lunch programme is a series of delicious lunches that will be prepared and served by the children of The Treehouse School on:

These will be enjoyed at The Partridge Inn, Wallingford, by individuals or local businesses for a donation of what you think the meal was worth.  Delicious lunches are guaranteed, will be sourced from locally produced ingredients, will be cooked by the children and is an alternative to your usual lunch reservation.

Let’s start at the beginning.  A warm welcome from some of the gang, a charming cloakroom attendant and small talk as well.  Followed by a very attentive waiter and waitress who carefully took all the orders and then served them.  Beautifully cooked, tasty food followed by the most delicious chocolate brownie I have ever eaten, and I have eaten many! The service did not end there, because then the “clean up” gang moved in to tidy and clean the tables.  I can’t wait for the next lunch.  Well done the gang and everyone involved in turning a cold, wet windy day into a memorable occasion.

To book a table for your business lunch or for a group of your friends please click the date (above) you would like to attend or e-mail:


A huge “thank-you” to the Treehouse Gang for a splendid lunch at the Food for Thought session we recently attended. Wednesday’s offering was Cottage Pie (beef or vegetarian option) and gooey-chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Orders were taken and the meal was prepared and served by the pupils who even had learnt the art of coming back to the table after five or ten minutes to ask if everything was to our satisfaction. The lunch was delicious and the children were outstanding in their interactions with the adults who attended. If you are in the neighbourhood, check the dates of the next opportunity on the school web site.

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