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Do parents have to pay for their children to attend The Treehouse School?
No. We are determined that our school should be non-fee paying and therefore accessible by all and as a result should represent a cross section of society. However this ideal comes at a price as we are totally dependent on grants, sponsorship and donations for funding.

Is The Treehouse a Free School?
No. This was a Government initiative that we were advised to explore and we did. However it transpired that ‘free schools’ were not at all free, and indeed demanded many of the strictures found in state education, at which point we decided to pursue becoming a charity. Although more difficult, we feel we are far more likely to realise our ideals without being dictated to by outside agencies.

How will I know if it is the right school for my child?
The Treehouse SchoolAll prospective children and their parents should visit the school. Before joining the school community parents and children need to be very clear about both the school aims and provision. Your child will then have the opportunity to spend a prospective day/week to gain a sense of how the school works and whether or not it suits them, if places are available.

Are school dinners provided?
We believe eating together is an important opportunity to share good food, talk to one another and develop social skills. We insist all children have school dinners which are fresh, healthy and the pupils will be involved in cooking, serving and clearing away after meals. This is one element of provision at The Treehouse parents will be expected to pay for.

What age group does Treehouse cater for?
The Treehouse is to be a primary school catering for pupils between the ages of five and eleven. However during the ‘development phase’ of the school it will initially cater for the five to eight age group.

Do children at The Treehouse do Key Stage SATs?
No. We believe children develop at different stages and therefore feel that testing them with age related criteria is inappropriate and measures a very small sliver of their intelligence. Children will be continually assessed in all areas and annually will undergo ‘stress free’ summative assessments in essential skills.

My child has special needs would he/she fit in at The Treehouse?
We want to provide for all in our school. Every child is special and has needs. Specific special needs would not stop a pupil from joining our school community.

Do you follow the National Curriculum?
We have a good understanding of the demands of the National Curriculum, this will be one source of reference in planning our curriculum. We are very interested in developing the skills, aptitudes and capacities our pupils will need to become life-long learners. We believe the context for learning is a very important factor in motivating and inspiring; children’s interests and topical events both nationally and locally will be harnessed to make contexts purposeful.

Competence in literacy and numeracy is important to us. We are worried this will not be promoted, can you reassure us?
Yes. We believe it is fundamental that pupils acquire basic skills in literacy and maths for success in adult life. However where we differ is the route to securing these skills.

How is the school funded?
Treehouse is a charitable body which relies totally on grants, sponsorship and donations. Parents, friends and local organisations are invited to support the school through donations of time, skills and materials. See our ‘How can you help’ tab for further information.

Do parents have to be involved in the running of the school?
Yes. Involvement of parents both in terms of supporting our philosophy and playing a part in the day to day running of the school is fundamental. Parents need to recognise the importance we attach to basic requirements such as adequate sleep, eating healthily and giving children boundaries. As we are a charity, our parents are asked to help raise funds for the school, and we also ask them to make a commitment to helping in the school either financially or in undertaking other tasks that are required, such as routine maintenance and repairs.

What is your catchment area?
The school caters for local children. We want our pupils to walk or cycle to school, therefore they need to live within an appropriate distance.

So, children have a good experience at your school…What happens when they transfer to a state secondary school?
Transition to the secondary sector is traditionally accompanied by a period of adjustment and related trauma, whatever primary school children have attended. Switching from an environment where their teacher is a constant, in one geographical area and adapting to a timetable that involves moving around, encountering different teachers for different subjects and the associated difference in expectations, is a huge leap for any primary child. However we would hope that the skills and capacities that we hope to embue our pupils with, will make them as able, or more able to make this adjustment than many of their peers in the state sector.

What is your admissions policy?
We are committed to providing for children in the local community. Please contact us for our full admissions policy. The Treehouse is currently fully subscribed. We do not have a waiting list, however if and when places become available, we will then invite further applications. If you would like to be notified of places becoming availbable list please contact Lee at

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