Nature, Nurture and Nourishment


At The Treehouse School, we believe that Childhood is a valid stage of life in itself and aim to provide children with an educational experience that will provide them with the secure foundations for a happy and successful future.

  • We provide a rich diet of child-centered learning experiences and a stimulating learning environment that are appropriate to the children’s current needs and developmental stage;
  • We recognise that learning at this stage will improve later performance but, first and foremost, that learning enables children to achieve their present potential and enriches and fulfils their present life;
  • We aim to equip our children with the skills, capacities and knowledge that they will need for the next phase of  their education and the future.

At the Treehouse School, we are committed to the development of the whole child (social, emotional, physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual aspects) and their ability to become successful learners;

  • We ensure that all aspects of the child’s development are evaluated and considered in our planning and assessments in order to inform future learning experiences;
  • We maintain and sustain a balance between these areas throughout the child’s school experience.

At The Treehouse School, we believe that there is potential in all children which will emerge powerfully under favourable conditions.  Each child is unique and special, with individual ways of learning.

  • All children are valued and respected with full regard to their ability, gender and race;
  • We value every child for what they are, what they know and what they can do;
  • Every child is known well by the adults working with them;
  • The environment is sufficiently flexible and responsive to meet the range of children’s learning styles and strategies;
  • We give children the time and space they need to produce work of quality and depth.  

At The Treehouse School, we believe that parents are the first and continuing educators of their children.  We value and build on their expertise.

  • We develop powerful and reciprocal partnerships with parents based on mutual respect and a shared interest in the child;
  • We ensure that parents have the opportunity to tell us about their child(ren);
  • We involve parents in the learning process and provide opportunities for them to contribute to decisions about future plans for the child.

At The Treehouse School, we believe that learning is holistic and interconnected.  Children do not separate experiences into different compartments.

  • We plan broadly based and integrated experiences for the children;
  • Our curriculum responds to the understanding, skills and attitudes that are important for developing learners. Activities and themes support rather than determine these objectives;
  • Short-term planning is sufficiently flexible to make space/allow time for children’s spontaneous interests.  

At the Treehouse School, we believe that children learn through exploration, play and talk.

  • We recognise that children learn most effectively by doing rather than being told;
  • We value play, assessing it and using it to extend children’s learning. We provide opportunities for the children to play throughout the day and week, alongside adult-directed activity.  

At the Treehouse School, our starting points for supporting learning are what children can do and what they can nearly do.

  • We work from an analysis of children’s learning in all developmental areas, to a model of classroom pedagogy and then to a bespoke curriculum designed around children’s needs and interests;
  • We use observational-based assessment and discussion as the main strategy for monitoring children’s learning and progress;
  • We celebrate children’s achievements and provide opportunities for them to identify their own achievements and next steps;
  • Adults sensitively support and extend children’s learning to the edges of their potential encouraging them to do without help what they can do presently with help.

At the Treehouse School , intrinsic motivation is recognized and valued as a powerful force for learning;

  • Children are given a ‘real voice’ and role in the running of the school and are consulted and involved in the learning process;
  • Autonomy (physical, social and intellectual) and self-discipline are valued and promoted;
  • Children have substantial periods of uninterrupted time for sustained self-initiated activity;
  • Children are given a range of opportunities to make choices and decisions.

At the Treehouse School, we believe that the relationships children establish with adults and other children are of central importance in their development.

  • The way in which the adults talk and respond to children throughout their time in school creates a climate that nurtures self-esteem and positive role models for the children;
  • Planned and unplanned experiences encourage the interpersonal and cognitive skills necessary for collaboration and cooperation.

Children’s education is seen as the total experience of, and interaction with, their environment.

  • We instill a sense of personal and collective responsibility for the life, work and maintenance of the school;
  • We provide educational experiences that draw on the child’s personal context of family, culture and community;
  • There is provision and planning for the indoor and outdoor environment of equal quality.
  • We promote strong environmental values and practices so that children understand their role in creating a more sustainable future.


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